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I’m watching. I’m learning.

I’m leaning towards ‘wanting.’

#GlamWIN personified!

When guest-blogger (and I use that term loosely since I just lifted her piece intact from her blog and put it on mine) Nikki Awesome told me she was writing an album, I did what I do to most friends.  I stopped listening but nodded with smiles on so i’d look all ‘yeah that sounds AMAZING’ while looking in the mirror… thinking ‘does my botox need retouching?’  But unlike most pretty bitches who are all “oh i can’t DO chicken wings, I’m a vegetarian singer/songwriter,” not only does Nikki make me not want to punch her in her face-box, but she actually DOES work the singer/songwriter shit!

Nikki’s been in the Canadian music scene for a while and had a group called THE ROYAL SOCIETY where she rapped (fuck the whaaaaat) and opened for FLO RIDA, who she told me secretly was a total dick.  DOLLS SECRET SULK WIN(whoops)  But its her new band DOLLS that’s generating attention.  Her blog describes DOLLS as a darker, dirtier pop for an evolved listener, bubblegum bisected by industrial synthesizers, fusing grittily sensual lyrics with recurrant themes of money, sex and violence.  I don’t know what all of that means, but I CAN tell you that the album is SICK.

“NOW NOW” is the classic “later fucktard, i’m better than you’ clonethat’s TOTALLY NECESSARY to listen to on repeat a billion times, and “PRETTY” appears to be an ode to the amateur working girls in clubs internationally (CHECK THE LYRICS: We don’t pay you to think we just pay you to drink, we just pick up the tab you look pretty we don’t pay you to think we just pay you to blink, we just pay you to mink up the titties), not your typical girl-pop topics, but voiced with the baby-pop voice thats earned her comparisons to GWEN STEFANI and MADONNA, it works to seduce the listener into believing it belongs to a pop princess’ GOOD GIRL GONE BAD before delivering cold as ICE lyrics in a synth-fueled snarl.

The ‘is it about love or sex? I think it might be a sex thing” track “CHAMPION” asks “do I make you knees hurt in your favourite t-shirt?”  Yeah, she probably does.  The album ends with three dark, sultry tunes you can totally ‘do it’ to.  The atmospheric “TASTY” seems to explain at least some of the duality in DOLLS:  “So used to confusing the two; I can understand why it’s confusing to you/Not love but it’s kind of amusing/I’m timing the takeover, makeover muse.”

Whether she is a moody teenage recluse making bedroom beats or a society girl lashbatting the garden-party competition into eager submission is yet to be seen, but will be fun to watch.  And probably learn.


Her album SECRET SULK is available for purchase for £5  @ http://dollsxx.bandcamp.com/